Sortition. The selection of representatives by lottery. It’s probably a word you’ve never heard before. Yet this one simple idea could very well be the future. The issues facing the United States are numerous. One of the primary problems is Economic Inequality which results in Political Inequality. Simply put the representatives that are elected aren’t representative of the population. They are representative of the corporate, the rich, the political, and the powerful. So how do we solve this issue? Do we follow the advice of the anarchist or the libertarian and abolish government or limit it’s size so that it is  no longer a tyranny and tool of hierarchy and corporations? Do we follow the advice of socialists and communists and make private property public, seizing the means of economic production for the betterment of all? Or God forbid do we follow the advice of totalitarians and fascists and make every aspect of society under the control of government?

Sortition offers to take a stab at dealing with hierarchy and corporations as representatives are mostly the common people and not beholden to corporate interests; furthermore it arguably is the equivalent of seizing the means of production, yet it is the political and not economic means of production. Finally sortition certainly would give more control to government, but not to an elite. It is arguably the most utilitarian solution to the problems facing the United States and the World. It would serve the greatest good as a diversity of views would be heard. It would increase civic virtue as people would see themselves as potential decision makers. It could be the revolutionary idea this country, this planet, is looking for.



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